Day 1 – 12 Days of Christmas

We all have so much happening leading up to Christmas. Here is your plan to help you a little each day by sharing what to do, some helpful tips, recipes, craft, great discounts and most importantly ways of giving back to those less fortunate at Christmas time. 


The Enchanted Garden
Roma Street Parklands
-13 December 

1-17 December
Carols in the Reservoir at Spring Hill…/carols-in-the-reserv…/

Moonlight Markets
6/12, 13/12, 20/12

Write to Santa
1-14 December

RSVP Community Christmas Party
The Smith Family Toy and Book Appeal


Is your tree up? I tend to put mine up on 1 December as it’s how I mark my Christmas season starting. Is today the day you start your advent calendar? Now’s the time to start those traditions you’ve been thinking about since last Christmas. Make today the day to write out your card list and if you don’t have them buy those cards or go digital and save paper by writing out who you want to message for Christmas and start those messages, save them on your phone and send a few each day. Brighten someone else’s day by thinking of them and it’s nice to get these direct to your phone or social media platforms.


Dessert on Christmas Day can be a challenge. Here’s some dessert ideas. There’s cold ideas for a hot Christmas Day, traditional ideas for the purists and a must do gingerbread house. If you’re making a pudding or cake now is the perfect time to get started. 

Tip for making cakes – soak your fruit at least 24 hours before baking, I tend to do mine 1-2 weeks before as I use Brandy and the flavour intensifies over this time. Store in air tight container in the fridge. 

If you’re making a pudding, make sure you line the cloth with flour before boiling (to stop sticking) and that you allow plenty of time for the pudding to fully drain before Christmas Day. I like to reboil mine a day or two before as it is easier to slice cold on the day and if you want it heated you can just pop it in the microwave. Make sure you keep a taste of the raw pudding or cake (heaven forbid!). 

Here are 10 of my favourites.…/christmas-pudding-5/NVEcipqX……/gingerbread-house-cake/3DNjgsaN……/922e05c8-ae35-4627-9b93-28756ddc8……/66b44c83-a184-4821-b1bd-ad4ae9fb8……/christmas-ice-cream-cake/tvaRtj6B……/37a2320d-8159-44f3-8cbc-7e5e77838……/cc7e49a8-0d55-437a-929d-0f4ad3586……/3b2dfeed-aad1-46cf-9a31-6f4b2d7bc……/c789ef7f-20f5-4a2a-aa47-a55f766a3…


Try these cute button tree ornaments.


Get 15% off Sökas with the code BUSYXMAS19 and make your own practical hampers or they can make hampers up for you starting at $75 plus postage.


Meals on Wheels Stafford are looking for donations of small Christmas Puddings, Chocolates etc. for their recipients who will be spending Christmas Day alone. Can you help? This is a small ask by a community group who help so many in need on a daily basis.
Contact Jack Pool 3356 2382 or 
0413 335847.

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